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Zach's Mission


It is Zach's life purpose and mission to help others remember their deepest hearts, the deepest place within themselves, that aspect of them that is Infinite, Divine, Oneness.


Zach has made it his promise to be an example to others, to inspire them to search within the depths of their soul to realize their Inner Light, the I AM Presence. And once this Light is recognized, to live the lives that we know are meant for us in all aspects.






Zach was born in Reno, Nevada.


He has always had an innate feeling of wanting to be an example, and of service, to others since his earliest memories. As he grew into adolescence he began to diminish this inner guidance, not fully comprehending the importance of this inner yearning.


At 14, Zach was diagnosed with leukemia. Throughout the 10 months of intensive treatment Zach found an inner strength, with the incredible support of his family, in which he unconsciously realized the power of human potential. However, at 16, Zach relapsed. His treatment was much different the second time; it was more difficult because he had a bone-marrow transplant, but more importantly, because he watched as young children, 6 months old to 18 years old, and their parents and family members, suffered immensely. The suffering he observed, the death, the pain, caused Zach to enter on to the path he is now continuing to walk. His asking of, "WHY?!" has been the greatest quest-ion he could have ever asked. Why are these children suffering, why are these parents suffering, why are we all suffering, and how can we reduce this suffering? Zach has found many answers to his questions and continues to awaken each day the deeper understandings of the heart, in which we all have the answers to our questions.


Zach's passion for helping others through his knowledge on nutrition and exercise was cultivated in part by his avid athletics throughout the entirety of his childhood and adolescence. As Zach continued his universal asking, he began to remember a deeper knowing and wanted to help others through his ability to teach them how to heal their bodies and minds as he did. As he remembered from authors, teachers, and unbeknownst guru's, Zach realized a healthy and fulfilling life not only includes proper nutrition, physical activity, healthy relationships with friends, family, and lovers, but most importantly a healthy mind and outlook towards life, a deeper understanding which we all possess.




Fitness Philosophy


Zach believes that exercise should be fun. If it is not enjoyable you will not maintain it and you will not reach the goals you have set forth for yourself. Additionally, as with life, exercise and nutrition must be simplified. Fitness gyms did not become popular until the 1960's, and before then, thousands and thousands of years before then, cultures had very physically fit men and women. In order to receive the maximum benefit of exercise we must return to our simplified child-like, and actively-ancestral, manner. We must learn how to squat as children do, run as children do, sit-up effectively, push ourselves up effectively, and that will not be achieved through bicep curls in the gym. We must begin to add an element of play into our fitness regimens so that our bodies receive the maximum benefit of our training. Forcing yourself to do something unwanted is just as bad as going to a job you hate. However, resisting the urge to move your body as it was intended, and created, to move will only cause you disharmony and dis-ease.




Education & Certifications


Zach attended the University of Nevada where he received his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Health Ecology with an emphasis in exercise, nutrition, and physical therapy, and a minor in Speech Communications. After graduating in 2010, Zach became a certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). His certifications also include: Certified Health Coach through the National Society of Health Coaches (NSHCOA), CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and TRX Suspension Trainer. In addition, Zach is a Level 1 Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) Practitioner and a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Practitioner.


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