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Robert Allencourt

"To Whom It May Concern: 


I do not hesitate to recommend Zach Tavcar to you as a personal trainer or a life coach. 


Zach is not the first personal trainer I have had, but he is the first personal trainer that combined a nutritional plan and a workout routine with spiritual awareness. Through his nutritional plan, I lost 15 pounds within six weeks. It became obvious to me in short order that Zach has extensive knowledge of the mechanics and processes of the body. This allows him to custom tailor your plan for success. 


As a life coach, Zach has insight beyond his years. His extensive study of Eastern and Western philosophies allows him to use tools that get to the essence of goal setting and goal achievement. I have found Zach’s observations and guidance to be invaluable in achieving my life goals. 

Whether you see yourself as a body with a soul or a soul with a body, Zach is comfortable with both perspectives. He only wants success for you. 



Rob Allencourt –Current Client

Reno, NV"

Workout in Gym

Brandon Nicholas

I have been training with Zach for over 3 years now. While he is great at weekly motivation leading to the destruction and rebuilding of Biceps, Triceps, Chest/back and all the other important muscle groups, where Zach really excels is in his treatment of the person as a whole. 


One cannot have a healthy body while still retaining an unhealthy mind. Zach’s whole life approach takes into account the mind-body connection, and how what’s going on in your mind may be affecting your physical body. This is his specialty that you likely won’t find anywhere else. And with that, he mixes in good doses of cardio, strength training, and helping you perfect your diet. 


We review our goals periodically, and Zach is always interested in encouraging and motivating you towards them. He genuinely cares about the progress you have made, and what is left to make in the future. We work on proper form and making progress in a way that avoids injury. So far, we are up to 80 pound dumbbell chest presses, and the gym only goes up to 100, so pretty soon we are going to have a serious problem... 


All kidding aside, if you are looking for someone who can help you to improve your health, and by health I mean strength, fitness, diet, perspective, and many other factors which lead to overall well-being, you would be hard pressed to find anyone better to help with that than Zach. Highly Recommended!

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Image by Meghan Holmes

Sean Monihan

Paid Testimonial Written Under Duress for Zach Tavcar


You are reading this testimony, which means you’re on the fence about whether this is for you. It is, let me tell you why. I am 37 and I have never had a better experience when it comes to training. I have tried many different ways to get fit, some of which worked for a while

and then I would give up or get bored. My eating habits would never really change because I would diet for a while, then slowly start going back to my old ways. Over the past two years, I allowed myself to put on a lot of weight. I got to 250 lbs., the heaviest I’d ever been. I was unhappy, unhealthy, and I realized that I needed some help. Just like you, I was researching online, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get a personal trainer until I called Frameworks. Zach talked to me about my fitness goals and encouraged me to come down for a free fitness assessment. I was nervous and embarrassed. Upon getting there, I realized that I should not have

been. Zach has an uncanny ability at making you feel at ease the second you walk through the doors. Somehow, he can be professional, funny, and inspiring all at the same time. Zach had me do a few exercises to see where I was at. At no time did I feel like he was judging me because of

my utter lack of fitness ability. The session ended and we again discussed my goals and how I could get there. It seemed like a big investment at the time, so I went home and thought about it. I woke up and realized that if his paid sessions made my body feel anything like the free session he gave me, it would be more than worth it. I signed up for three months and it was the best decision I’ve made for my body and health. Zach made up a customized meal plan just for me, went over his monthly exercises for my home workouts, and began to educate me about fitness and eating correctly. I started to look forward to exercising. Zach can destroy you (in a good way) and make you laugh while you are doing it. Three months later I had hit my goals and wanted more, so I signed up for another three months. Fast forward to today and I am at 198 lbs., and 14% body fat. I started with 25% body fat (which is otherwise known as “obese”) at 250 lbs.

I feel great, I like how I am looking again, and most importantly, I am healthy. As I said, at first I thought that the sessions were expensive. Then I started adding up how much I was spending on trash food, alcohol, and other things that were making me unhealthy. It became clear that going

on my fitness journey was much, much cheaper than continuing to hurt myself. Regardless of your current fitness level, if you are ready to make changes, Zach will help you get there.

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Sophia Carter

"Let me start by saying, I've had my fair share of personal trainers...and although I had a nice little workout, most of the "training" was getting me into a contract and nothing was explained to me as how to maintain my goal. I met Zach and my first session with him was brutal. LOL. Zach refused to let me fail, pushed me to my limits, and didn't take any of my crap.


He is not only a trainer, but now a friend for life. He helps you with meal plans, training during your off days, holds you accountable, and gives you all the support you can get. Weekly goals are perfect, they are like small steps instead of huge steps that look almost impossible to meet. I have not yet met another personal trainer who can meet his standards. He has shown me what I am capable of and the only one that has led me to actual results. I would request no other trainer than Zach! My forever life & personal trainer! #zachattack"


Sparks, NV

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David Orton

"Training with Zach is more than just training.  It is a complete lifestyle change. No matter how old or young you are Zach will get you to your goals if you follow his plan.  I am 40 years old and thanks to Zach I am in the best shape and health of my life.  His knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and the human body is priceless.  I would recommend Zach to anyone and everyone that wants to change their life and feel great."


Reno, NV

David Orton Before Picture,
David Orton After Training, Reno NV Personal Trainer, Personal Training
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Jeri Lynn Nelson-Fulgham

"I lovingly called my training sessions, "ZachAttack". I had a goal 2 1/2 years ago of running my first half-marathon. I needed to do something significant the year I turned 30, but even though I was running a lot, I wasn't getting stronger. I signed up to receive a personal trainer at my gym and by chance, I received Zach. 


The thing I liked most about his workouts is that he made my body do most of the work--we didn't use a lot of machines and when I whined and cried (literally) because I hated burpees and pull-ups (I REALLY HATE PULL-UPS)--he didn't let me quit. That being said...he was incredibly encouraging when I would (finally) finish the parts I hated and told me I did awesome. :) 


Together, we discovered my love for jumping and plyometrics. For some reason, I would push myself incredibly hard and far with those workouts--so he would specifically set up those workouts for me. By the end of my time with him, I could do a 24" vertical jump. What!?!?!? Not bad for this white girl. :) 


I guess when you meet someone who had to battle for his life at such an early age, and he still is happy, fun, and energetic--you think to yourself, I want to be around that. ZachAttack helped me accomplish a huge fitness goal--I'm positive he can do the same for you." 


Sparks, NV

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Shannon Vega

"Before Zach I had a trainer for 6 months. While I was gaining tone slowly, I didn't see a change in my body and my weight had stayed the same. Zach asked me what my goals were and I honestly didn't believe I had any other than not feeling so gross. At the time I felt like being a perfectly fit woman was an unachievable goal for a mother of three in her thirties.


I kept telling him I didn't care what the numbers said, I just wanted my clothes to fit better and I wanted to be toned. Zach added a goal for me, he said I would be down 2 lbs and have lost 1% body fat by our next weigh in. I shrugged my shoulders and smirked because I knew his expectations of me were too high. 9 days later he weighed me in, I had followed his program with 100% dedication. I met and exceeded the goal Zach set for me. 4 weeks later my Facebook status read, 'Down 8lbs in 6 weeks.'


Zach is an amazingly motivating trainer, he always knew how to motivate me and make me feel important. I truly enjoyed our Pitch Perfect banter during work outs. Zach encouraged me to set goals for myself and to keep setting goals. I will never be a 'perfectly' fit woman. I will always have a higher goal and I am grateful for that drive. Thank you Zach Tavcar"


Sparks, NV


Personal Training Reno, Personal Trainer, Sparks, Nevada, Zach Tavcar
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Melody Pinnell

"These words I write about Zach come from the bottom of my heart. I have never met someone that truly cares about the people he trains, and wants to get them healthy and in good shape, as much as Zach. Not that my friend, and training partner, and I are the best candidates, because we don't always follow his rules, shame on us. However, we promise to start following the rules so we can get the results that we got once before with Zach. We love you Zach and we appreciate everything you do for us. Let's do this!"


Carson City, NV

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Rachel Sweezey

"I did personal training over a period of 7 months. The first 6 months were spent with 2 different personal trainers. I saw no results and was at my wits end. I didn't understand nutrition at all and my personal trainers weren't helping me figure it out. That's when I met Zach.


Over just 1 month of personally training with him I saw more results than I'd seen in the 6 months prior. He sent me routines I could do on my own and nutrition plans so I could actually understand what to do! He was an amazing personal trainer and it was an honor working with him! What's awesome is we only trained for a month together before I ended up moving away and we still keep in contact! I would 100% choose Zach."


Carson City, NV

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